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The book discusses the process of development of ACE-2 enzyme suppression, an enzyme which is protective of COVID-19 complications, for each major comorbidity. Metabolic shifts resulting in poor energy production are discussed for all comorbidities and how these lead to elevated aldosterone levels and therefore ACE-2 enzyme suppression. Treatment strategies that restore homeostasis and therefore restoreACE-2 function are discussed. The book is targeted at health professionals, students, and the general public with interest in the disease. The work on the book started in August 2018 where a study on the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis was begun. From April 2019 a study on the effects of Metformin on the hypothalamic outputs was conducted. It is the manuscripts from this study that form the foundation of the book on COVID-19. The writing of the book on COVID-19 started in April 2020.

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